The Norwegian society in the aftermath of the Second World War

1. School/Organization, where the practice is collected:
Ingieråsen ungdomsskole

2. Description:
Overall Theme: The Norwegian society in the aftermath of the Second World War, the rebuilding of the country and the emerging Welfare state, and Norway in an international perspective trough the Cold War period.

The assignment: Interview a person you know, such as a grandmother, grandfather, neighbor, aunt etc. who lived in the period in question, and who was preferably a child or young person in the period 1945-1972. Make up questions based on the historic events we have learned about in this period and questions that can help you learn more about how it was to grow up in Norway in this particular period. Compare what you learn about the upbringing and opportunities of "the elderly" with your own upbringing and opportunities. How do you think that "the elderly's" upbringing and opportunities have shaped their lives. Try to use concrete examples.

3. Assessment:
☒ Yes
☐ No

The students wrote an interview or made a photo story with a voiceover. The students were assessed by their ability to retell their grandparents’ story and their ability to reflect over the differences between the generations, their possibilities, responsibilities, and dreams for the future. After handing in the interviews, the students also had an academic conversation about their findings and reflections.

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