School lesson with the President of National Assembly

1. School/Organization, where the practice is collected:
National Assembly of Republic of Slovenia

2. Description
In the year 2021 the president of Slovenian parliament started the project virtual school lesson with the president of parliament in collaboration with Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth. It is designed to introduce primary school pupils to parliamentarism and encourage their active participation in social decision-making processes.

The President meets students from different primary schools in a virtual environment.
The President of Parliament begins by introducing the work of the National Assembly, the highest representative and legislative institution in the country, whose work, especially the adoption of legislation, has a significant impact on the lives of the population.
The project is designed with the understanding that early introduction of children and adolescents to parliamentarism and their involvement in decision-making processes is important for the further development of democratic decision-making processes and the legitimacy of politics in Slovenia.

During the School Hour, the President answers a series of topical questions from primary school pupils, including on the importance of political participation of young people. He argues that young people should be encouraged to become politically engaged at an early age, which he says helps them to gain experience and form their opinions on various social issues and problems.

The "School Lessons with the president of National Assembly" project is a national initiative. It involves setting up an online platform for schools or classes to register for the "School lesson". It is also planned that the "School lesson with the president of Parliament" will become a regular communication practice of the President of the National Assembly with schoolchildren throughout the country.

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