Partecipalermo - a non-profit association

1. School/Organization, where the practice is collected: Partecipalermo, non-profit civic organization

2. Description
The association Partecipalermo is a non-profit association, constituted in December 2011 by a group of citizens reunited by a common belief: for something to change it is needed to be present, active and participate to city life and to civil society. The aim of the association is to be a presence rooted in the territory, in the commitment to act as a bridge between the institutions and the citizens, with the creation of “Uno Sportello In Comune”, to fill the institutional void, unfortunately existing, between the citizenship and the local administration.


Project “Costituzione. Cittadini Partecipi” has been a real training course, addressed to 8 school institutes of Palermo and took place in 8 meetings, each held by a university professor and by a witness of civil society, that have presented in each meeting-lesson a significant topic related to the first 10 articles of Italian Constitution. All lessons have been recorded and uploaded to Partecipalermo Youtube channel, so that the students could use them for the preparation of the verification work presented during the conclusive meeting, in the precence of the then President of the Senate On. Piero Grasso.

• To promote knowledge of Italian Constitution.
• To make aware tomorrow citizens (schools’ students) of their rights and duties.
• To promote develop of critical judgement.
• To respect the ideas of others.

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