Lithuanian language

1. School/Organization, where the practice is collected: Queen Morta School/Lithuanian language teacher Eglė Beinoravičienė

2. Description

Students in grades 7th and 8th have to produce 5 different topics (from The Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals Perspectives), genres (blog, interview, article, open letter, novel, play, codex, protocol, etc.) and styles of work over the course of the school year. At the end of the second academic year, each student creates a personal journal from the 10 contributions. One weekly lesson is devoted to the creation of the texts with illustrations: the students search for information, discuss and consult each other, and the teacher also consults. The students are given various challenges: integrating other subjects, illustrations by artists such as Ray Bartkus, etc.). Presentations, press conferences, commenting and evaluation under the rubric take place after the completion of each page.

3. Assessment:
☒ Yes
☐ No

Students regularly receive comments from the teacher, classmates and the older students.

4. Images/Picture/Video …

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