International Day of Tolerance

1. School/Organization, where the practice is collected:
Various schools and Tolerance education centers in Lithuania.

2. Description
In 1995 UNESCO declared November 16 as the International Day of Tolerance.
The International Commission to Assess the Crimes of the Nazi and Soviet Occupation Regimes in Lithuania initiated the commemoration of the International Day of Tolerance - November 16 in Lithuania.

Celebrating Tolerance Day at various schools in Lithuania. Activities and comments from schools:
Children of preschool and pre-school education groups, elementary school students watched a cute but instructive cartoon about acceptance of a different person with their teachers, explained the meaning of the important and at the same time complex concepts of tolerance, respect, acceptance, each coloured the symbol of this year's Tolerance Day in their own way.

Secondary classes students together with history and ethics teachers remembered the most important historical events, remembering the most painful manifestations of intolerance and the lessons they taught humanity. The students' drawings and thoughts created after the discussions encourage thinking and remembering important things even after the day is over.

During the reflection of the event, mixed teams of 5-8 grade students competed with each other by answering quiz questions about tolerance. The tolerant friendship won.

The cartoon seen by the little members of the community is sure to bring a smile and teach everyone who watches it (link below):

3. Assessment:
☒ Yes
☐ No

Reflection of the event, quiz.

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