Educational practice in citizenship education №4

1. School/Organization, where the practice is collected: Sofienberg

2. Description
Instruction to pupils:
• During this project, Instagram will be your main platform. You will post, comment, and communicate with your followers on Instagram.
• Create an account that is only for this project! Add me: @baerekraftsista. You can decide if you want to have a private or an open account.
• Choose a "character" for this project. Here are your choices:
◦ A climate change denier (It's a hoax! It's not man-made. It's just nature taking its course).
◦ A climate change activist (Greta Thunberg for president!).
◦ A person who does not deny the fact that climate change is a real problem but does not make any changes in their personal lives (yolo!).
◦ A person who acknowledges the fact that we need to do something and has recently started to make small changes in their everyday life (recycling, taking the bus instead of the car, etc.).

• You will have to do research so you can argue like your character. Make reels, stories and/or larger posts about your view. You can use Engelsk 10 (Chapter 2: Earth under pressure) for inspiration. We will also work with different texts in class.

3. Assessment:
☒ Yes
☐ No

Information about final assessment given to the pupils:
You will sit in groups of 4 (one of each "character") and chat on Teams where you discuss your views. In class! When class is over, I will read your chat logs and assess them. The feedback will be based on how you argue for “your” views, and how you communicate and interact with others, both on Instagram and in the chat.

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