De Reuzenstoet (Borgerhout)

1. Country: Belgium

2. School/Organization, where the practice is collected: AGSO, De Reuzen vzw

3. Level of education:
☒ Primary
☒ Secondary
☐ Higher
☐ Adult education
☐ Other: _____________

4. Context, where the practice is executed:
☒ Classroom
☒ School
☒ Local
☒ National

5. How is embedded in curriculum (optional for practices from NGOs):
(subject, cross curricular)
The practice is executed cross curricular. Whilst building on ‘giants’, several competences of citizenship are obtained as well as several practical, language and mathematical skills are improved. Each school uses the project to work on their own goals.

Tick boxes to which competencies the practice is related to.

☐ Valuing human dignity and human rights
☒ Valuing cultural diversity
☐ Valuing democracy, justice, fairness, equality, and the rule of law

☒ Openness to cultural otherness and to other beliefs, world views and practices
☒ Respect
☒ Civic mindedness
☒ Responsibility
☒ Self-efficacy
☐ Tolerance of ambiguity

☒ Autonomous learning skills
☒ Analytical and critical thinking skills
☒ Skills of listening and observing
☒ Empathy
☐ Flexibility and adaptability
☒ Linguistic, communicative and plurilingual skills
☒ Cooperation skills
☐ Conflict-resolution skills

Knowledge and critical understanding
☐ Knowledge and critical understanding of the self
☐ Knowledge and critical understanding of language and communication
☐ Knowledge and critical understanding of the world

6. Description
The giant procession in Borgerhout is a traditional event in which large puppets, carried by participants, parade through the streets of the neighbourhood. The event is an important part of the community's cultural identity and promotes cooperation, creativity, and pride among the residents. It provides a platform for social cohesion and strengthens the bonds between different groups in the community, contributing to community building. The giant procession is therefore a valuable contribution to the strengthening of social cohesion in Borgerhout and surrounding areas.

Several schools and school organizations participate in this cultural event. Hereby each school and/or organization builds a giant. This building process stimulates children and youngsters to cooperate with each other which enhances several competences of citizenship.

The event is praised by its neighbourhood and received a Flemish award (ultima-award) for its practice and meaning of inheritance.

7. Assessment:
☒ Yes
☐ No

If yes, describe what kind of assessment/feedback is included in practice?
Depending on how the project of the ‘Reuzenstoet’ is executed in each school. The construction of the giant is easily assessed in a summative way by looking at the result of the building process. However it’s also an opportunity to spend attention on formative assessment in skills like cooperation and participation.

8. Images/Picture/Video

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