CRETHINK-Co-creative Rethinking for Sustainable Cities

1. School/Organization, where the practice is collected: Istituto Magistrale Statale “C. Finocchiaro Aprile” Palermo

2. Description
Project “CRETHINK-Co-creative Rethinking for Sustainable Cities”, listing 30 hours, provides the activation of a self-construction laboratory, the setting up and outdoor furniture of a pedestrian urban space in front of the institute, initially used for transit and for car parking.

The school has developed the project in collaboration with the Cesie (no profit citizen organization) and the Municipality of Palermo. Students involved have been 60, mostly students of second two years and some of the first years.

The main objective has been to promote social inclusivity and active citizenship through the participation to co-creation processes aimed at sustainable development to local level.

Palermo municipality issued a management order for pedestrianization, in an experimental way, of the road section of Via Principe di Paternò, in front of ’Istituto Magistrale Camilo Finocchiaro Aprile. Cesie supervised the executive project for the setup of the square, the completion of the fundraising and the purchase of materials.
Our school has led practical laboratory activities with a representative group of the student body of the institute for the setup of the interested area. Students realized the manufacts and coloured the urban area by also reproducing some ancient street games.

3. Assessment:
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Reflexions of the event, articles in the school’s newspaper

4. Images/Picture/Video

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