Cleaning action as a civic manifesto “Darom”

1. School/Organization, where the practice is collected:
Public Institution “Mes Darom" (, various schools and organizations in Lithuania.

2. Description
Cleaning action as a civic manifesto “Darom” (in English, “We do”)

“Darom” is an international movement with a vision of a healthy and waste-free world. Hundreds of thousands of Lithuanians join the campaign every year, and it is one of the most significant civic initiatives aimed at fighting the waste problem.
The annual environmental clean-up undoubtedly contributes to raising awareness of the global waste problem, and most importantly, it mobilizes people (children, youth and adults), institutions (kindergartens, schools, public organizations), NGOs and businesses in a united effort to solve it.

Comments from various schools:

Students cleaned the nature by friendly cooperation and fun communication. Meaningful work brings joy and promotes self-pride. Our wonderful children who love and protect nature.

This campaign encourages not only to take care of the environment - working together promotes a sense of community, encourages us all to nurture the environment not only on this day, but also every day. We thank all the participants of the campaign for their good work and cooperation. Together we can do more.

Every spring, the school community joins the action "DAROM" by cleaning the school and city surroundings. This year, encouraged by the organizer of the campaign, we not only collected, but also sorted the collected garbage.

The annual cleaning of the environment invites us to remember that we must protect nature and take care of it all year round, every day. Spring clean-ups gather more and more enthusiasts of clean nature and encourage people to work together to solve waste problems.

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