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In the realm of education, formative assessment stands as a cornerstone for student growth and understanding. Video testimonials from teachers offer profound insights into its transformative power within the classroom. Through these testimonials, educators illuminate the dynamic ways in which formative assessment nurtures a culture of continuous learning.

Teachers speak about how formative assessment empowers them to tailor instruction to meet individual student needs. They emphasize its role in fostering a deeper understanding of student progress and illuminating areas for further development. With formative assessment, educators assert their ability to adjust teaching strategies in real-time, ensuring every student receives personalized support on their academic journey.

Presented by: Niels Van Hoof, Belgium | For more information - click here!

Plenary session - AI and assessement

Niels Van Hoof | Belgium

Project work

Niels Van Hoof | Belgium

Whole school approach

Plenary session

Blended learning

Peer and self-assessment

Values and attitudes

Project work